Why escorting is not a glamarous Job

Many girls start escorting under a false illusion. When money is tight and debts are rolling it, the money of an escort job can seem attractive. Of course, getting all dressed up and being paid to go out to dinner as a professional companion can seem very appealing. We have spoken to some escorts about the reality. How sometimes the job is gross and nasty. But more importantly, how they over come these situations. 

“The worst part of an escorting job is when you have clients with bad personal hygiene. Most of the time, they don’t even know that they stink. I’ve had clients who smell really bad of stale body odour. Or they have bad breathe. There was one elderly client who left shit stains on the white bed linen. However, I always remain professional. I encourage the clients upon arrival to have a sexy shower with me. I’m cleaning them without them knowing or being offended. I provide shower gels and deodorant and mouthwash. Then we get down to business. I ensure all my clients leave clean and satisfied” -Sexy Sharon.  

“Most of the time, escorting is not glamorous. But it’s also rewarding! Not just financially, but seeing the clients leave happy is an amazing feeling. My worst experience was when I tried anal sex after having a bad belly. After he pulled his penis out of my arse hole, diarrhea squirted out down my legs. It was a little embarrassing, but this is adult work. Unexpected things happen! – Flame 

“I went to dinner with a businessman. We went to a quality restaurant and were having a really nice time. Until he spilt an entire bottle of red wine all over my white dress! The entire restaurant looked at us, I was so embarrassed. I certainly did not look glamorous! Luckily for me, my client went to store across the road and bought me a beautiful designer little black dress. The restaurant allowed me to get changed in their private quarters. We enjoyed the rest of the evening together and laughed about our experience” – Kacey  

“My worst experience was when I was learning to give deep throat oral without on my client. I had never tried it before so decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, my gag reflux made me urge until I puked all over his penis. We couldn’t stop laughing! This client is now a regular and I have practiced many times on him with no problems” – Lucinda