Do Not Book Escorts Outside Of An Agency

As a punter, I’m going to share with you a regretful decision I made that cost me everything. By thinking that I could save a few quid with an escort booking, I lost my home, family and job. I had been booking female companions regularly for years through escort agencies. They had rules and regulations in place. Which were for the privacy and safety of both the client and the escort. On reflection, I never appreciated this and saw them as controlling adult establishments. But I learnt the hard way! 

It began on the night of my works Christmas party. By the end of the evening there were just a few lads left standing and someone suggested that we went to a strip club. However, I never actually went with them. I really didn’t want my collegues knowing that I had been to a strip club. So I declined. But as I staggered home, the erotic thoughts of sexy naked women, rubbing up against me was to much for my heard penis to bear. I needed some sexual relief. So I contacted a local escort agency and made a booking with an incall escort who was nearby. I had the most amazing hour with a young model escort named Victoria.  She had mesmerized me, and I really wanted to book another hour.  

 I didn’t have quite enough for another hour. So, Victoria suggested that we tell the escort agency that I had left after the first hour. She would take all the money and give nothing in booking fees. Great, problem solved!  This became a regular weekly appointment during my work lunch break; I would contact her directly to see when she had no bookings in and have a private appointment without the escort agency´s knowledge. I did notice how her attitude became different towards me, but I never knew that she was falling in love with me. There was one week where I could not see her because I was at home. I could not give an excuse to my wife and kids where I was creeping out to.  

In one day, I had 50 missed calls, voice notes, text messages and WhatsApp messages asking where I was. This doesn’t happen when you book through an escort agency because the escort never has your number! To cut a long story short, my wife noticed my phone constantly vibrating and answered. To which Victoria told her she was a prostitute and I owed her money. In desperation I rang her escort agency. They told me that the booking was made outside of the agency against their rules. Therefore, there was nothing that they could do to protect my privacy. Needless to say, I lost my wife, kids, home and subsequently my job through depression. Listen guys, once you book an escort outside of the agency, you don’t know what you are dealing with. The agency is there for a reason; the safety, security and privacy of both the escorts and clients! Don’t take the risk and exchange numbers with an escort. Angry and jealous women can be revengeful.